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Services Overview

Our services are aimed at private and institutional clients, as well as equity capital, lenders, government agencies and/or any other parties interested in commercial real estate acquisition. Our holistic approach to marketing and negotiating diverse property types, varying in size and complexity, ensures optimal pricing and deal terms for all stakeholders. Our experienced professionals earn trust and respect and enjoy a long, successful track record of closing every kind of commercial property.

Merchandise Curation & Creative Marketing

“The best in Merchandise Curation”

AdvisorCRE is one of only a few transaction and advisory firms in the metropolitan Atlanta trade area focused solely on creatively executing retail and restaurant leasing strategies. That is what we do well! Merchandise Curation! We implement the best tenant mix into the property to maximize the sales traffic which in turn increases the revenue for the tenants and the landlord.

While many larger firms advertise themselves as dynamic, innovative, and having the best network, our team at AdvisorCRE truly walks the walk and has cultivated a vast network of true decision-makers at all levels of the industry. We have nurtured this significant network through our competitive edge and the evidence of tangible benefits enjoyed by our clients. Our primary goal continues to be increasing the value of our clients’ real estate assets.

Marketing Solutions

Our team of professionals design and execute a customized marketing campaign for every exclusive listing, adapting our approach to each asset’s unique value proposition. Through creative positioning, visually appealing deliverables, and a combination of targeted and far-reaching promotional activities, we create a competitive environment to achieve optimal results.

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